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Violet leaf


The scent of the flower is evasive because once the scent has been detected,

Botanical Name : Viola odorata

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The scent of the flower is evasive because once the scent has been detected, the cilia in the nasal passages are paralyzed and unable to detect the scent any longer. You need to leave the flower for a few moments and return to it to be able to smell it again. The flowers alone used to be macerated in hot fat to make a product. There is no replacement for the human hand, however, and this is no longer a commercially viable activity. What is found on the market now is from both the leaves and flowers… if it is real Violet. Used primarily for perfumes. Traditional use of the plant and its products are for treating delicate skin of acne, thread veins and to refine pores as well as treat mouth and throat afflictions. Used to treat inflammations and to ease rheumatic pain in topical applications. It increases circulation and decongests the liver. The scent can treat headaches and dizziness.

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