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The roots are used. This may be known as Vetivert or as Khus khus.

Botanical Name : Vetiveria zizanoides

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The roots are used. This may be known as Vetivert or as Khus khus. Vetiver was created for the fragrance industry as a substitute for Sandalwood. Vetiver has many applications for skin care. It stimulates the capillaries, encourages the cells to regenerate, helps the skin to detoxify and helps with acne and oily skin. In a massage is stimulates the vascular and lymphatic systems and eases muscular aches and pains. It boosts a sluggish immune system and stimulates the liver and pancreas. When used as an inhalant to treat the psyche, Vetiver eases insomnia from nerous tension, is balancing and soothing to the central nervous system. It is very grounding and cleanses the aura.

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