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Thyme linalol


Organic. Thymus vulgaris is a species that has many different chemotypes.

Botanical Name : Thymus vulgaris linalool

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Organic. Thymus vulgaris is a species that has many different chemotypes. This Thyme is a chemotype that produces an oil with a very high percentage of linalool, it is fairly sweet smelling and tends to be the least irritating and is safe for moderate use. When taken internally it stimulates and purifies the digestive and urinary systems. It can be used with great success in treating an internal candida infection. Please only take essential oils under the care and guidance of a trained medical aromatherapist that has conducted a thorough patient intake interview. Essential oils can injure the liver irreparably. It can be added to preparations for the face to treat acne and oily skin. As an inhalant is used to treat bronchitis and other afflictions of the lower respiratory system. It is effective against a cough that is deep and spasmodic. Can be used topically to treat strains, sprains and swelling as it is an analgesic and increases circulation. This Thyme can be used safely to support the immune system, it is effective against just about all infections, especially against those that present as bronchitis and tonsillitis. The scent is stimulating on a cerebral and psychic level, this can be helpful in cases of a deficiency such as an irrational response or acting out of control.

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