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Great Mugwort


I used to get it from someone just a few hours drive away – it’s a field trip just to go pick up an order, but he says it just makes too much of a mess of his still

Botanical Name : Artemisia Arborescens

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Artemisia Arborescens


From organic flowers. May be called Great Mugwort or Blue Artemis.


I used to get it from someone just a few hours drive away – it’s a field trip just to go pick up an order, but he says it just makes too much of a mess of his still, just about impossible to get the blue out. I am so glad to have found another distiller of this hard to find essential oil.


This oil has a lot of chamazulene, giving it an inky blue color. This deep blue oil is a great anti-inflamatory and anti- allergenic. Very effective against inflammations and infection of the skin. Used as an inhalant to alleviate bronchial congestion, and to stimulate the gall bladder.


Artemisia arboresence is an intensely blue oil that is quite high in chamazulene, 30% and and higher is a well established standard, that’s higher than Yarrow, German Chamomile and the Blue Tansy.


This essential oil of Artemisia arboresence is very anti-inflammatory and an effective antihistamine. We used to make something we called AloeArt – basically the essential oil suspended in aloe gel. Because preparations of Art arboresence are usually used for very inflamed skin the aloe is a great carrier. Use for burns, acne, inflammations and heat presenting skin conditions. Use well diluted, just 1-5% will be effective in a spray or compress or gel.


If you intend to use as an inhalant for respiratory conditions like swollen tissues and tight coughs I would suggest inhaling directly from the bottle rather than diffusing into the air.


Ketones may be able to cross the blood-brain barrier easily or more readily than other molecules. Ketones dissolve fats are and potentially neurotoxic, causing seizures, liver damage and fatality. However… ketones stimulate cell and tissue regeneration, and are mucolytic. Ketone containing essential oils should only be used by well informed individuals. This blue oil does contain thujones and although that is a very low percentage please avoid using while pregnant, on babies and small children.
Read more about the chemistry of essential oils at http://emilysoils.livejournal.com”

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