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May be called Common Sage or Dalmation Sage.

Botanical Name : Salvia officinalis

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“May be called Common Sage or Dalmation Sage. Dalmation Sage has larger leaves than does the Provence Sage. This plant is widely cultivated. This oil should not be used while pregnant or nursing. May cause uterine spasms and encourage lactation to end. Because it is a ketone it should be used short term and in small amounts. Is anti fungal and antibacterial, especially effective against candida, staph and strep. Sage is beneficial to the skin because it aids the generation of scar tissue, constricts pores and regulates the balance of water in the cells of skin and connective tissue. In a massage blend it can be used to ease inflamed muscles and joints. Although California white sage (Salvia alpina) is most frequently used in purification ceremonies, the common sage here is associated with cleansing of negative energy, emotional purity, wisdom and memory.

Sage is used in a blend to scent a room for a meeting where you hope to gather and focus the wisdom of everyone present and to keep minds strong and clear.

Juniper, Mugwort, Sage and Asafoetida make an effective Banishing Blend.”

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