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Palo santo


Bursera gravolens is in the Burseraceae family along with Boswellias (Frankincense),

Botanical Name : Bursera gravolens


“Bursera gravolens is in the Burseraceae family along with Boswellias (Frankincense), Burseras, Commiphoras (Myrrh)
The wood is used on a smokey smouldering fire to repel mosquitos in Peru and Ecuador and has a history or being used to purify and eliminate negativity. Here in the US we use little kindling-like sticks or pressed sawdust cones as incense. Boiling the wood produces a bitter tea used to treat intestinal bacterial infections. The essential oil is very tenacious and smells a bit like Frankincense, with some minty-ness and more lingering sweetness. Palo santo essential oil is used to calm the mind and moderate emotional swings. It is used in spiritual practice to increase concentration, enhance meditation and be a protector. The essential oil is very high, over 50% in (+) Limonene with lower but significant amounts of menthofuran and terpineol. With a material that high in (+) Limonene you need to take precautions against oxidation. Store in dark glass bottles with tightly fitting caps out of the heat and light”

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