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Nutmeg and Mace are from the same tree.

Botanical Name : Myristica fragrans

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“Nutmeg and Mace are from the same tree. Nutmeg from the dried seed and Mace from the paperlike covering over the shell. Use Nutmeg with caution because it can be pretty hot and irritating to the skin. Nutmeg is a psycho-stimulant and is used to activate the mind and induce intense dreams. It high doses can induce hallucinations and delirium. Can be fatal in high doses with prolonged use. Nutmeg can, however, be used in a massage to treat aches, sprains and strains as it is an analgesic and a neurotinic. Probably best used in a blend for the Holiday season because its scent is so appropriate and is a carminative and a digestive stimulant.

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