Emily's Oils & Essentials | Rose geranium hydrosol – organic
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Rose geranium hydrosol – organic


Rose Geranium is lovely, but it is not a substitute for Rose.

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Rose Geranium is lovely, but it is not a substitute for Rose. Pelargonium hybridize readily and there are many varieties, each hydrosol smelling like the essential oil. The hydrosol is a humectant, anti inflammatory and very cooling, making it a welcome addition to any skin care regime. Add it to lotions in the summer, skin toners and use after sunbathing. Use on scrapes to clean and staunch the bleeding and reduce irritation and itching. Use on insect bites, acne skin and other irritations to reduce the redness.This hydrosol is hormonally balancing and is very cooling and antidepressive. The scent is good for eliminating or covering an odor. The hydrosol is for either oily or dry skin as it regulates the oil glands and encourages cells to regenerate.

Very fragrant, could be diluted with distilled water before use.

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