Artemisia Vulgaris

May be known as White Mugwort or Wormwood. In some books may be called Which Herb.The entire plant is used. The scent is very nostalgic for me, it went with the smell of the river and horses and hot oaks for all my summers. I will tell you that the smell isn't well received by most. It is very black and green and almost nauseating to some, probably a physical response to the thujone that seems to linger with you after the inhalation is over. Can be used to treat certain cancers of the skin, to remove warts and internal parasites and to treat chronic bronchitis. It appears to stimulate menstruation and regulate a delayed cycle. This oil is considered an neurotoxin and an abortive. Not to be used on children or if pregnant.

Mugwort has been traditionally used for dream recall since Medieval times. In Asian medicine known as moxa.
Mugwort has a high percentage of ketones (thujone). Ketones may be able to cross the blood-brain barrier easily or more readily than other molecules. Ketones dissolve fats are and potentially neurotoxic, may cause seizures, liver damage and fatality. However... ketones stimulate cell and tissue regeneration, are mucolytic and are found in high percentages in common food additives such as anise, sage, caraway.
Juniper, Mugwort, Sage and Asafoetida make an effective Banishing Blend.
  • Artemesia Vulgaris 
  • United States 
  • Steam Distilled 
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