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Rosehip seed oil

Posted on: February 15, 2018
Rosa canina, the dog rose. It’s a wild climbing rose.
This cold pressed seed oil comes from Roses grown organically in Chile. The rosehips have bitsy tiny seeds that yield a bright orange hued oil that is quite high in essential fatty acids, about 15% oleic, about 45% linoleic and about 30% linolenic.  Rosehip seed oil is used to treat burns and scars with remarkable results. Use it in skin care preparations to promotes tissue regeneration and slow the aging of the skin and to reduce redness and irritation. When used to soothe eczema and psoriasis or to treat significant dermal issues it can be used neat. A maintenance care blend would reduce that to a 10-20% portion. Applying nutrition topically can help keep skin healthy. A healthy dermis layer is the key to skin being able to hold onto moisture. Just a few drops applied with the fingertips to wet skin is a very easy way to use this product. Apply to freshly washed skin or mist with a hydrosol before applying.