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Medicinal flowers

Posted on: February 14, 2018

Essential oils from medicinal flowers are used to reduce anxiety and calm the nerves, this can me mental agitation and skin conditions that are heat presenting. These can be inhaled to increase relaxation and aid in better sleep and ride out  hormonal imbalances. The essential oils of medicinal flowers can be added to skin preparations to cool and soothe irritated skin, a rash or a burn and to speed healing and improve healing outcome. Use them in an ointment or gel or compress. Try hydrosols for wound care and general skin care, hydrosols are completely user friendly and do not need to be diluted – just spray it on!

Some medicinal flower essential oils are Roman and German Chamomile – great for inhalation and application.

Clary Sage is a reliable go-to for menopausal heat and to ease some of those hormonal fluctuations.

Rose Geranium smells clean and fresh and familiar and used to reduce stress while not having a sedating effect, in skin care it can reduce edema by moving the lymph and encourage healing.

Helichrysum is best used in skin care for its ability to reduce redness and bruising and speed healing when applied throughout the healing process – but especially when applied immediately as trauma care.

The Lavenders are widely used in skin care preparations. Their chemistry differs greatly and I encourage you to develop an understanding of the difference in chemistry and the best applications for those different essential oils of Lavender. Lavenders high in esters and alcohols are well tolerated topically, anti-spasmodic, soothing and effective against micro-organisms. Lavenders higher in camphor and cineoles are potentially irritating, stimulating and expectorating.