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Dalmation Sage from Hungary now in stock

Posted on: March 22, 2017

Sage essential oil from Salvia officinalis plants grown and distilled in Hungary. I’d let this go out of stock briefly because I don’t sell very much of it. It’s now available at

There are a few Salvias distilled for the essential oil – all called Sage. There are more plants incorrectly called Sage, mostly the Artemisias. Get clarity on the botanical name because this true Sage has a very high camphor and thujone content and wanting something else and getting this could be a big mistake.

The smell is powerful, very camphoraceous and volatile. The smell is like an immersion into crushed leaves and can be intoxicating. It is used primarily just for that aroma. The essential oil appears to be less toxic than the thujone content would lead us to expect. There are a few fatalities and lots of cases of seizures and periods of unconsciousness following ingestion in the database. There is no need to ingest Sage essential oil. The aroma alone can stimulate bile production and is used in some settings to increase appetite. It is effective against Staph aureas and Strep bacteria and can be a pleasant addition to a diffused blend or cleanser with those microbes in mind.

An essential oil with this high thujone content does have a place in the treatment of difficult to heal wounds and scar reduction. When the wound is well closed and granulated in, Sage essential oil in a VERY low dilution can be added to jelly or soft ointment applied to the skin to keep things moving along.