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Anointing and the chakras

Posted on: January 14, 2016

Anoint the crown of your head for opening the spirit. Angelica, Frankincense, Sage and Cedarwood essential oils are some suggestions.

Your third eye to see clearly, yourself, your vision of the future, accurate perceptions of others. Use Lemon or Ravensare for awareness. Black pepper or Ginger for the courage to see.

Your throat chakra or the back of your neck to speak truthfully, to improve the relationship between what you think and feel and what you say. Jasmine to improve the self esteem, Peppermint and Basil too.

Your heart chakra to increase your feelings of empathy and for your impulses to come from love. Rose, of course. Chamomiles for patience, Myrrh to access some emotions.

Your solar plexus chakra to engage your power. Ginger and Pepper for the power and courage, Citrus to reduce your doubt.

Your sacral chakra to access deep and covered emotions and wisdom, to gain trust and attachment. Jasmine and Ylang, Myrrh to help access them. Citrus oils to distribute the energy you find.

Your root chakra to ground. Patchouli, Vetiver and Oakmoss are go-to oils for this.

There are so many other places on your body to anoint! Your hands before you work, to make it sacred. Your spine to be upright and strong. Your feet for everything! Your feet for walking a path with intention. Your skull for instincts.