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Jasmine body oil
Posted on: December 23, 2015


In The Faerie’s Guide to Green Magick from the Garden, Jamie Wood suggests a body oil blend of 8-10 drops of Jasmine essential oil in 250mls of a thick carrier oil. She suggests using this easy modern-goddess body oil after bathing.
Confession, I.Love.Oil.

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Posted on: December 23, 2015

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Clary Sage
Posted on: December 23, 2015
Clary Sage is underused in my opinion.This big hairy plant has been used in brewing and flavoring beer, wine and vermouth. It has a mild herbaceous scent and is fine to use as an inhalant and topically. Clary Sage essential oil is high in esters and is sedating and anti-spasmodic, great to use in a massage blend. The synergistic effects of blending Clary Sage, Roman Chamomile and Ylang in a massage blend work well to relieve shoulder tension.20151223_110250
Adding essential oils to a massage blend
Posted on: December 23, 2015

A massage using a dilute blend of essential oils and base oil can nourish the skin, increase circulation, reduce pain, swelling and edema. The oils also have an effect on the psyche, allowing the recipient to relax more quickly, to quiet their mind or to be more mindful of their part in receiving the massage.

You can find a blend at or make your own.massage

Attraction blend
Posted on: December 23, 2015

Make a great first impression with a blend designed for Attraction.
Equal parts Allspice, Cinnamon and Frankincense.

You can use this concentrate to make a dilute body oil, a bath oil or a body powder.

It can be used with a charm as well, rolling the anointed fabric or paper towards you.

Helichrysum essential oil
Posted on: December 22, 2015
Just arrived. A precious bottle of this impressive essential oil, grown and distilled here in California. This is from a small distillery that produces very few, very fine oils.
Organic flowering plants and hot dry summers create an essential oil that smells more terpene than others I’ve had. Do you remember DMSO? Reminiscent of that smell.
Used often to treat initial trauma and reduce bruising and swelling. Treats dermatitis, burns and eczema. Use as an inhalant for headaches and exhaustion and other stress related conditions. 10% dilution of Helichrysum, Roman Chamomile and Rose essential oils in a soft creme would make a great wound salve.
If you are a user of Helichrysum italicum, this distillation is worth adding to your collection.