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Lavender Budrovka
Posted on: November 6, 2014

The growers and distillers of this Lavender Budrovka also produce the Adria and Haute Provonce that I offer. Grown synthetic free on the island of Hvar, This hybrid is very high in Linalol.  Many subspecies and cultivars exist, people have been manipulating these plants for form, production and chemistry for a long time. The list possible hybrids, cultivars and variants is extensive. This oil smells like a classic Lavender, very familiar. Slightly spicy and bright, not as honey sweet as the Bulgarian or as floral as the Fine French, although those are still certainly still there. There is a heaver more viscous smell than other Lavenders. Another example of the endless array of Lavender essential oil, a nice usable oil that would be a nice addition to an oil library.

Lavender Budrovka 5 ml

The last of the Indian Sandalwood
Posted on: November 6, 2014

I was offered the last of some steam distilled wild Sandalwood alba from India.  The distiller held onto this last bottle for years and finally decided to sell it. I know that kind of thinking, ‘This one is so special, I don’t know when I will ever get something like this again, I’m going to keep some.’

I was looking forward to its arrival and it did  not disappoint. It smells like you would expect a good Sandalwood to smell, but with a warm fullness and a sharpness somewhere in there. It would be best used directly rather than diffused. Inhale directly from the open bottle to treat bronchitis. Use this oil in meditation and ritual work.