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Bargains and deals
Posted on: August 25, 2009

The Bulgarian Rose pre-purchase went well. I appreciate the response from customers willing to help me make that purchase and I’m glad to be able to offer it at such a great price. It is such an expensive treat.

I am continuing the Clary sage offer of 1 ounce for for $18.00.

I have a lot of Organic White Grapefruit in stock. It is becoming not-so-fresh. It is still totally and completely fine and suitable for therapeutic use. I’m sure most people wouldn’t be able to tell that it has lost some of it’s brightness, but I can and I’d like to move this batch off the shelf and replace it. I am offering one ounce of the Organic White Grapefruit for %6.50.

Posted on: August 25, 2009

Fungal skin infections

A very stubborn infection hiding out under the nail can be very difficult to get rid of. This blend is worth a try. These eo’s are known to cause dermal irritation. Consider that the toe nails of an adult male are not likely to be delicate or sensitive. Use this blend twice a day for 2 weeks. Apply to the nail and the immediate area. Discontinue if you do not see an improvement. Employ a method of measurement to accurately determine if you are making a change.

4 mls Thyme thujanol, 2 mls each Oregano and Cinnamon leaf in 15 – 20 mls of a base oil.

Essential Oil Profile
Posted on: August 25, 2009

Cinnamon Leaf

I once got a call from a woman that had scars and was looking for something to reduce them. Scars from Cinnamon oil. This is an oil that is best used internally or in the air because of the potential for serious dermal irritation. Use a drop on the tongue for coughs and sore throats. Add a drop to a glass of water for diarrhea, as a carminative or for colitis. Carry a 2 ml bottle for fresh breath. There is lots of information about Cinnamon added to the diet increasing glucose metabolism and reducing insulin resistance. I am unaware of any studies using Cinnamon essential oil for the same but I am curious about it’s possible effect. It does taste sweet. Sweet and hot. Apparently Cinnamon essential oil is effective against 98% of gram (+) and gram (-) bacteria as well as fungi, candida and yeast. Use it diffused into the air to tap into your psychic connections, to increase financial prosperity and for protection against mailicous energy sent your way. It would be a good addition to a blend for starting something new. Although I have cautioned against applying topically, it does have it’s place treating fungal infections on the feet. Those can be really hard to get rid of and to treat if they are under the nail.

In the Home Office
Posted on: August 24, 2009

First day back to school for my 8th grader. Yesterday felt like Fall, any coincidence? Back to a scheduled life for some of us here. The garden is still producing like mad. Squash is the exception, they seem to have tired themselves out. The pumpkin vines went yellow and limp this weekend. Good riddance! It was a volunteer in the compost pile, clearly some kind of squash. We transplanted it in the garden and it grew up and hogged lots of space and had such serious prickles I had to wear jeans to go in. I am looking forward to planning the fall garden. It gets too hot right away for things like spinach, lettuces, onions and some herbs. The winter garden is always such a tidy thing after the overgrown summer garden.  The rabbits will be thrilled when we pull it all out and toss it over the fence.

I’ve had success in nipping some things in the bud. My oldest woke up the other day with an obvious sinus infection. I prescribed steaming with a few drops of Valnet Blend, rinsing his sinusus frequently with water and finishing up with a hydrosol ( we used Rosemary and Sage, diluted by half with tap water ) and raw garlic. A customer/friend of mine swears by chewing a clove or two of raw garlic when you come down with a respiratory affliction. He says to relax, have a beer and go to bed early. I think the key is the chewing part. There is a transdermal absorption through the mucous membranes that is just undeniable.  My youngest came downstairs yesterday all bundled up, looking poorly, with a fever. 1000 mg of Vitamin C, a clove of garlic, plenty of water and he was up and out of the shower before I was.

In the News
Posted on: August 24, 2009

Influenza and essential oils

Briefly… about the virus…

Influenza A is a virus with many subtypes that are identified and categorized by differences in two proteins, hemagglutinin (H) and neuraminidase (N). Differences are due to the rapid mutation of the virus. The scientific community has learned quite a bit about Influenza A virus, but the fact remains that we are unable to know what we don’t know and the virus mutates rapidly, becoming something new. Antiviral drugs do not eliminate the virus; they inhibit the replication of the virus. Learning more about the life-cycle of a virus has lead to the development of anti-viral strategies that target the virus at different stages in that cycle.


We are currently experiencing a flu outbreak that may be very significant and potentially devastating to individuals and communities, as well on a much larger level. We should all be using common sense in protecting and taking care of ourselves and our families. I won’t use this as a pulpit for my position on things that are related and responsible in varied degree. I will give you some information that you may want to have to arm and educate yourself.

Essential oils and viral replication…

All essential oils are anti-microbial to a degree. There is a tremendous amount of anecdotal, cultural and historical information that tells us that certain plants are effective against certain aliments. I am focusing here on essential oils that have laboratory documented anti-viral efficacy, although I think we should listen to our Grandmothers… anyone ever been given schwedenkrauter for whatever ailed you?

Coconut oil – not an essential oil but worth mentioning. About 50% of the fatty acid in Coconut oil is Lauric acid, the most essential fatty acid for the building of an immune system. In the body, it is converted to monolaurin, a powerful monoglyceride that destroys lipid-coated viruses (such as cytomegalovirus, HIV, herpes, and influenza) as well as pathogenic bacteria. I use this on the skin and in the kitchen. The smell and taste of organic raw coconut oil are just fabulous.

Oregano oil –  A study cited in Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials 2009, 8:8 indicate that Oreganum vulgare and Artemisia vulgaris have inhibitory effects the replication of the Yellow Fever virus. Apparently the presence of O. vulgare essential oil in the culture medium at 11.1 ug/mL   produced a 100% reduction of virus yield. (A Ug is a microgram, 1/1000000 of a gram or 1/1000 of a milligram.) Oregano eo seems to be effective because of direct inactivation of the virus rather than being effective only at a stage in the life cycle of the virus.

Mugwort  (Artemisia vulgaris) was also tested in the above referenced study and produced similar striking results. Mugwort is very high in ketones and should be only used by the experienced.

Tea Tree – A study conducted by the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases revealed that replication of a strain of influenza was severely inhibited of the Tea Tree eo was introduced within 2 hours of infection. This suggests that Tea Tree eo interferes in an early stage of replication but after viral adsorption. Tea Tree eo is inexpensive and is pretty stable (has a long shelf life).

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Posted on: August 24, 2009

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