Zodiac Blends

Free shipping on ecommerce orders over $150. I have created these blends based on herbal and astrological lore. They have been a work in progress for years now. The concentrates are multi-functional. Use in the bath, add to massage and body oils, as ritual oils and perfumes. 90 ml sizes are in cobalt glass.
Aquarius Body Oil
Aquarius Concentrate
Aries Body Oil
Aries Concentrate
Cancer Body Oil
Cancer Concentrate
Capricorn Body Oil
Capricorn Concentrate
Gemini Body Oil
Gemini Concentrate
Leo Body Oil
Leo Concentrate
Libra Body Oil
Libra Concentrate
Pisces Body Oil
Pisces Concentrate
Sagittarius Body Oil
Sagittarius Concentrate
Scorpio Body Oil
Scorpio Concentrate
Taurus Body Oil
Taurus Concentrate
Virgo Body Oil
Virgo Concentrate