Valnet Blend

This complex synergistic blend of essential oils is based on the work of Jean Valnet. It is intended to defend against pathogens and to support your immune response to help you get over a respiratory infection. This blend of pure essential oils is best used as an airborne product. Use in a diffusor or by the drop as a personal inhalant. Lavandin, Oregano, Thyme, Cinnamon, Savory, Eucalyptus, Clove, Peppermint and more.
Jean Valnet served in the French Army as a Doctor of Medicine and a Surgeon from 1944 to 1959. He continued to practice medicine as a civilian Doctor. He began publishing teachings and the results of his studies in phytotherapy and aromatherapy in 1948. As a civilian he founded an Association and a College and worked tirelessly to promote the research and study of the anti-infectious and anti-biotic properties of essential oils