Pure Essential Oil Blends

Free shipping on ecommerce orders over $150. These are blends of undiluted essential oils. You can use them in a diffusor or dilute them for use in body care products.
Aphrodite Concentrate
Aphrodite Solid Perfume
Aquarius Concentrate
Aries Concentrate
Asclepius Concentrate
Athena Concentrate
Atlantia Concentrate
Back To The Beginning Blend
Banishing Blend
Boundary Blend
Break The Habit Blend
California Blend
Cancer Concentrate
Capricorn Concentrate
Citrus Blend
Demeter Concentrate
Detox Blend
Divination Blend
Female Balance Concentrate
Floral Blend
Gemini Concentrate
Grounding Blend
Guidance Blend
Holiday Blend
Inviting Love Blend
Leo Concentrate
Libra Concentrate
Muscle Relaxing Blend
Pisces Concentrate
Positive Energy Blend
Psyche Concentrate
Respiration Blend
Rose Note Blend
Sagittarius Concentrate
Sauna Blend
Scorpio Concentrate
Seeker Blend
Sleepless In Tokyo
Taurus Concentrate
Threatened Blend
Three Goddess Concentrate
Valnet Blend
Virgo Concentrate
Wealth Blend