Witch Hazel

Steam distilled from organic plants. Grown and distilled in France.
Which Hazel is a very popular skin toner used on the face because of its pH level of about 3, lots of tannins. Use it to tighten skin and reduce inflammation. It reduces bruising, slows bleeding, shrinks veins, helps dry up swimmers ear, can help relieve some diaper rashes, stops the itch and redness of stings and bug bites and can prevent poison oak if used to clean the skin of the sap that causes the rash. Every pharmacy carries a wide range of products containing Which Hazel.

This steam distillate is pure and unadulterated. No added scent, alcohol or benzoic acid.
Use as a tonic for the skin by spraying directly on and applying your cream or oil treatment while still wet.
Mix with clays to make a face mask.
Use as an astringent tonic for all skins, especially for oily skin.
Use to wash or soothe bruises and insect bites.
Use as an active ingredient when making your own facial creams or cleansers.