Owyhee Hydrosol

Artemisia ludoviciana hydrosol. This plant is called many things, too many to list but it's the only thing called Owyhee, so that's what I'll call it. Some information worth sharing, Owyhee is a region of Idaho, Oregon and Nevada that is roadless and surreal. One of my favorite cowboy songs calls it Wild Horse Heaven. The hydrosol is powerful and strong smelling and very stable. It is like crushed leaves and warm pond water and horse sweat and shade. Those smells are big for me and this hydrosol is one of my favorites. The plant is firmly a part of into Native American cultures, and the preservation of and practice of the religious and spiritual. Medicinally the hydrosol can be often used as a substitute for the plant. Internally to stimulate gastric fluids and bile, as an emmenagogic and vermifuge and to induce sweating.Externally as a poultice for burns.