Lemon Verbena Hydrosol

Bright and lemony, almost peppery. This supply has yellow globs of essential oil bobbing around on the surface. I was at the distiller getting a few things, opened and smelled this and could not leave without it.
This steam distillate is pure and unadulterated. No added scent, alcohol or benzoic acid.
Use as a tonic for the skin by spraying directly on and applying your cream or oil treatment while still wet, it's toning and firming and softens the skin.
Make your own skin care cream using this hydrosol as an active ingredient.
The essential oil is a sedative and fever reducer, anti-viral and a digestive aid that reduces the appetite. The essential oil is very expensive, this hydrosol is worth using as a replacement where you can. Try adding the hydrosol to a babies bath for the fever reducing and sedating effects. Add a tablespoon to a tea and increase the relaxation and centering that some of us get from a mug of our favorite. A good gargle or mouthwash to use after dental surgery, it's anti-inflammatory and clean tasting. Slightly acidic and makes a nice skin toner or aftershave. The smell is not floral or fruity. It would be interesting to use in foods, maybe to thin a pan sauce after sauteing fish.