Helichrysum Hydrosol Organic

Grown and distilled in France. Biodynamic crop certified by Ecocert. Lots of oil floating on the top, really a lovely product.
I had initially looked for this oil for a customer with an extensive burn that she was treating. It is such an impressive hydrosol, I'll keep it in stock.

This hydrosol is definitely on the list of must haves for the household first aid kit. It has a long shelf life and can be used on anything you want to clean and healing, all wounds; tattoos, piercing, scrapes, surgery incisions, dental work...the list goes on. An anti-inflammatory and analgesic for sore muscles as well as bangs and bruises.

Very strongly scented. Very much like the essential oil.
This steam distillate is pure and unadulterated. No added scent, alcohol or benzoic acid.
Use as a tonic for the skin by spraying directly on and applying your cream or oil treatment while still wet.
Use as a tonic for irritated or blotchy skin, to soothe dermal irritations from allergic reactions. Make your own wound care cream using this hydrosol as an active ingredient.