This wild Geranium from Bulgaria is used as a traditional aphrodesiac. It is also used to treat infections and heavy mucous of the respiratory and reproductive systems. It is indicated for certain cancers and tumors of the same. This musky green scent is used in men's perfumes and has adrenal balancing properties. Because of the ketone content, please use only moderately and not on babies, small children or if pregnant.

This material is a concrete, a soft solid that is packaged in small wide mouthed glass jars.
A concrete is obtained by using hexane or other solvents to extract compounds from fresh plant material. The solvent is removed and the remaining soft solid is called a concrete. This concrete contains hydrocarbons as well as volatile plant materials. Because no heat is used for this extraction process and the resulting material contains waxes as well, the aroma of concretes is very true to the natural raw materials.
  • Geranium Macrorrhizum 
  • Bulgaria 
  • Steam Distilled