This oil is to be used only externally and with extreme caution. The ketone levels are high and can be toxic. Do not confuse with Cedar leaf or Cedarwood oil. This cedar tree is also called the arbor vitae tree. Historically used to remove growths and warts. Organically grown and steam distilled in Canada.
Gas chromatography calls out about 58% thujone. Read more about essential oil chemistry here at the EOils blog

This oil can be used in an infusion to clean the skin as an astringent to soothe poison oak, acne and cold sores. It strips oils from the skin. Use only topically and as less than .5% (read that at point 5 percent) in a blend. As an inhalant and in massage it treats neuralgia and sedates the nervous system. The scent of thuja is stimulating to the mind and sharpens thought.
  • Thuja Occidentalis 
  • Canada 
  • Steam Distilled