Organic. May be known as Mountain Savory or Winter Savory. Please dilute this oil a great deal and do not use long term as it is irritating to the skin and toxic to the liver over a long period. Is effective against fungal infections. Can be added to a powdered clay for shoes and feet. As an addition to a massage blend ( 1% ) it is an analgesic, eases arthritis and muscle spasms and reduces swollen lymph nodes.
It is a general tonic when inhaled and is a great anti infectious addition to a diffusor blend for the entire house once in a while.

Studies conducted at the university of Montpellier show that Mountain Savory was effective against yeasts, including Candida albicans. That was decades ago, newer studies show why. An enzyme necessary to the yeasts metabolism is sensitive to the terpenoids in Mountain Savory.
  • Satureja Montana 
  • France 
  • Steam Distilled