Sandalwood - Organic

May be called Mysore.
There are a number of trees of different families that share the common name of Sandalwood resulting in lack of clarity. The tree Santalum album is a parasitic plant growing in Southern India. The plant is nearing an endangered state, the Indian government has a few patents for synthetic Sandalwood oil and it is possible that true Sandalwood will become unavailable shortly. Primarily used in perfumery and in meditation as it opens the third eye, quiets obsessions and frees one of past ties. Can be added to baths and to massage blends to decongest the lymph system, to reduce muscular spasms, to heal generally and to moisturize.

I like that it is organic and grown responsibly. There is a sharpness to it that was initially disappointing. That sharpness does dissipate quickly when it's put on the skin leaving a soft familiar scent.

6 parts Sandalwood and Frankincense, 4 parts Jasmine and 1 part Lavender make a mental and physical cleansing blend. Use these oils in a liquid soap or lotion to anoint yourself before ritual work or to mark the division between one kind of work and another.
  • Santalum Spicatum 
  • Australia 
  • Steam Distilled