Rosemary Verbenon, Organic

This may be also known as Chemotype III. Organic flowering plants are used to produce this softer Rosemary. This oil has less camphor and is best used for liver and gall bladder support and to regulate the endocrine system when added to a massage oil blend. This oil is regenerative and is a great choice for mature and dry skin. Used for middle ear infections, add to a carrier oil and massage into the area behind the jaw and below the ear and towards the throat a bit. This chemotype is mucolytic and expectorant. Because this chemotype is higher in monoterpenes it is often added to skin preparations.
This Rosemary has a soft floral presence, it is slightly Lavender actually.
Rosemary from Southern France and Corsica tends to be high in verbenone and is used for skin care.
  • Rosemary Officinalis Verbenon 
  • Africa 
  • Steam Distilled