Rose, Turkish Absolute

This oil is a bright orange liquid. Each Rose essential oil has something unique that makes it different from the others in a line up. Describing just how something smells is a challenge. When I smell something, I feel it also... I smell it at a place in my head. Some things go right to the top of my head, some to the back of the throat. I feel most Roses in my face, upper jaw, kind of an expansive feeling. This Rose has a ripe and fruity quality with something smokey as well that I feel in the throat.
The concretes and absolutes are considered to be of higher quality because the oil was not subjected to the higher temperatures of steam distillation. I have found that the concretes and absolutes sometimes need to be aired out to allow that chemical smell that sometimes lingers to dissipate. That isn't the case with alcohol extractions. Rose oil has many applications for the skin and the cardiovascular system, as well as the digestive and nervous system. The cost, however, keeps Rose as an oil to inhale.
Heavy fruity notes in this deep orange absolute. Grown and processed in Turkey
  • Rosa Damascena  
  • Turkey 
  • Absolute