Rose, Indian Absolute

Alcohol extraction of Damask Rose. Grown and processed in India.
The Damask Rose is a medieval cross the Rosa gallica and a wild rose. The Damask Rose has a long history of cultivation, consumption and use in Iran, Europe, Bulgaria, Turkey and India. It is grown all over the world as an ornamental shrub. It may be called the Apothecary Rose or the Dog Rose. Why the Dog Rose...? Because the Rosa alba is a cross of damask and Rosa canina.
The concretes and absolutes are considered to be of higher quality because the oil was not subjected to the higher temperatures of steam distillation. I have found that the concretes and absolutes sometimes need to be aired out to allow that chemical smell that sometimes lingers to dissipate. That doesn't seem to be the case with alcohol extractions. Rose oil has many applications for the skin and the cardiovascular system, as well as the digestive and nervous system. The cost, however, keeps Rose as an oil to inhale.
This golden oil holds the scent of Roses and green leaves in the sun. There is something here that smells a bit green and juicy, maybe a bit grassy. That's not a negative quality at all, just a feature I can detect. There is a very faint apple-ish thread in this Indian Rose also.
  • Rosa Damascena 
  • India 
  • Absolute