Rose, Egyptian Abs

This Rose oil is a clear orange color with some brown to it. Each Rose essential oil has something unique that makes it different from the others in a line up.This Rose has a earthy and vegitative aspect to it that makes it smell more wild than the other Roses.
The place that Roses and their scent holds in culture is unequalled. Although there are thousands of varieties of Rose, just a few are used for the production of essential oils. The Damask Rose is a very old Rose. It is unknown in the wild and may be called the Apothecary Rose or the Dog Rose. It's a cross between the gallica and a wild rose. This offering of Egyptian Rose abs. is a Rosa centifolia. Centifolias are also called cabbage roses, big beautiful floppy renaissance roses. They usually have an appearance like an artichoke, the edges of the petals don't have ruffles and fall away from the center.

The oil is extracted by steam distillation and by chemical extraction. The concretes and absolutes are considered to be of higher quality because the oil was not subjected to the higher temperatures of steam distillation. I have found that the concretes and absolutes sometimes need to be aired out to allow that chemical smell that sometimes lingers to dissipate. The steam distilled oils sometimes have a caramel-like quality that can be interesting. Rose oil has many applications for the skin and the cardiovascular system, as well as the digestive and nervous system. The cost, however, keeps Rose as an oil to inhale.
  • Rosa Centifolia 
  • Absolute