Rose, Bulgarian Otto

The Bulgarian Rose has a full clean scent while other Roses have a heavier sightly fruity scent. This essential oil does crystalize in cellophane-like sheets below 70 degrees, give or take. Just hold the bottle or put it in your pocket for a few minutes if that does happen, no need for any more heat than that. Grown in Bulgaria and processed at a distillery in France. This is the only supplier I've ever used for this material. There is just no comparison with any other Bulgarian Rose Otto.
The Damask Rose or Pink Damask Rose is a medieval cross the Rosa gallica and a wild rose. The Damask Rose has a long history of cultivation, consumption and use in Iran, Europe, Bulgaria, Turkey and India. It is grown all over the world as an ornamental shrub. It may be called the Apothecary Rose or the Dog Rose.

The White Damask Rose (alba) contains less oil than the Pink and has a slightly weaker scent. The Alba rose is a damask crossed with the Rosa canina. It is planted along with the Pink to differentiate fields and to act as a wind screen. The oil is extracted by steam distillation. The steam distilled oils sometimes have a caramel-like quality that can be interesting. That Rose oil has many applications for the skin and the cardiovascular system, as well as the digestive and nervous system. The cost, however, keeps Rose as an oil to inhale.
  • Rosa Damascena  
  • Bulgaria 
  • Steam Distillation