Myrtle, Green

The leaves and branches are used. This Myrtle is higher in linalool. Use in the same way as the Red Myrtle. Can be added to a skin care regimen to restore a youthful appearance to the skin, reduces pores and wrinkles, reduces inflammation and excess oil. Can be used as an antiseptic in a gargle. As an inhalant, Myrtle eases a smokers cough, viscous congestion and bronchitis and can be used as a general antiseptic and tonic for the respiratory system. In the diffusor it also acts as a sedative, soothing anger, fear and insomnia.

' From the delightful perfume of the Myrtle, the delicacy of its blossoms, and the gloss green of its perpetual foliage, it seems destined to ornament the forehead of beauty. '
Helen Milman, My Kalendar of Country Delights, 1903.
  • Myrtus Communis 
  • Corsica 
  • Steam Distilled