An incision in the bark produces the exudation of an oleoresin which is then steam distilled. Myrrh sold under the botanical name Commiphora myrrha may be a mixture of resins from a few species of trees. Preserves and purifies. Myrrh is valuable for healing ulcers and inflamed skin. Myrrh is very viscous and does clog the capillaries of a diffusor. It is best used in a duftlamp if it is to be inhaled for its tranquilizing properties. Can be added to a skin care preparation or as a rub in alcohol. This is one of the most ancient essential oils.

6 parts Frankincense, 6 parts Myrrh and 4 parts Bay make a focusing blend to use when divining.

4 parts Frankincense, 3 parts Vervain, Rosemary and Bay, 2 parts Myrrh, Benzoin, Cinnamon and Rose, 1 part Sandalwood make a nice blend for anointing the circle or yourself before entering the circle.

Myrrh is a material widely used in religion, for anointing and incense. This crossed over to the practical in its use in embalming and healing.

  • Commiphora Myrrha Nees 
  • Somalia 
  • Steam Distilled