Sold by weight and in a wide mouthed jar rather than a bottle. This oil is from the flowers and foliage of the 'sensitive plant'. Mimosa smells so soft and sweet and nice. The oil is best known for its wide use to treat sensitivities of the skin and psyche. It can be used in a preparation for the skin to treat stress related skin problems. As an inhalant it is effective against stress conditions, nervous fatigue, trauma, depression, fear and emotional hypersensitivity. In therapy it can help with opening communication and addressing old memories. Anoint the forehead before retiring for prophetic dreams.
Mimosa is not a 'liquid' oil, more like honey. It is sticky and needs to be heated and diluted into an alcohol, base oil or another essential oil to be worked with. Suggestions and advice are available. If you would like it in a perfume blend, a customer of mine makes some really lovely perfumes.
See her site at http://glissande.com/perfume.html

Mimosa is a hydrocarbon with low amounts of aldehydes in the absloute. Read more about the chemistry of essential oils at http://emilysoils.livejournal.com
  • Acacia Decurrens Var. Dealbata 
  • France 
  • Absolute