Organic flowering plant is used. Sometimes called Lemon Balm. The cost of pure Melissa means that it is often diluted or otherwise adulterated. Be aware of that fact when purchasing. Melissa is most often employed to calm and sedate. It relieves anxiety, migraines and is used to dispel feat, grief and anger. It is used energetically to soothe when the mood needs lifting because you are taking things too seriously or taking on too much responsibility. As an inhalant is can ease respiratory complaints like asthma, bronchitis and a spasmodic cough.. Because it can be so expensive, Melissa is best used in a diffusor or inhaled directly. Melissa can be added to facial preparations to treat acne and oily skin, to ointments for fungal infections and to herpes treatments. This oil can be very helpful with menstrual pain, and to regulate hormone levels and cycles.
Melissa has long been used to treat depression and anxiety. Avicenna in the 11th century recommended it for treatment. Europeans in the Middle Ages used it as a cure all. In the mid 14th century King of France Charles V drank a Lemon Balm tea and that apparently became hugely popular and called the Tea of France.
  • Melissa Officinalis 
  • Steam Distilled