Lavender Fine French

Grown bio-dynamically in France. Distilled in France
Many subspecies and cultivars exist. Lavender is generally recognized as the smell of cleanliness. The name refers to the word 'lavare' meaning 'to wash'. Lavender is indispensable and all purpose. Lavender can be used topically to soothe and heal. It can be used in a diffusor to freshen a room, ease depression, relax the insomniac and reduce tension. Lavender can be used in a bath and added to all beauty products.


There is less and less true Lavandula angustifolia grown year to year, that and the exchange rate are reflected in the price.
This is certainly the nicest Lavender. This sweet smelling Lavender is more expensive, but worth it for the delicacy and high ester compounds. Smells sweet and floral and reminiscent of honey.

Work at the University of Derby and at University of Central England in the UK showed that 'Tea tree oil and lavender oil, when used in isolation, demonstrated unequivocal fungicidal activity' against Trichophyton rubrum. T. rubrum is the culprit in around 80% of fungal nail infections, it invades keratinized tissues and produces a yellowed nail that is thickened and brittle. Lavandula angustifolia was used.
  • Lavandula Angustifolia P. Miller 
  • France 
  • Steam Distilled