Lavender Bulgarian Organic

Lavender oil has many applications. This organically grown plant yields an oil that is a bit spicier than other Lavenders. Although this is a great all around Lavender, it is best employed as an antiseptic or cleanser.
This is a true Lavender rather than a cultivar. This oil is generally non-irritating and pleasant smelling.
Work at the University of Derby and at University of Central England in the UK showed that 'Tea tree oil and lavender oil, when used in isolation, demonstrated unequivocal fungicidal activity' against Trichophyton rubrum. T. rubrum is the culprit in around 80% of fungal nail infections, it invades keratinized tissues and produces a yellowed nail that is thickened and brittle. Lavandula angustifolia was used.
  • Lavendula Officinalis 
  • Bulgaria 
  • Steam Distilled