Also known as Everlast or Immortelle. The scent is herbaceous, green and reminiscent of hay. The genus Helichrusum has hundreds of species. The name comes from the Greek words for sun ‘helios’ and gold ‘chrysos’. They thrive in the heat and sun and are happy in arid sandy soil. Only a few of this species are used in aromatherapy, their little yellow flowers aren’t big producers of oil and it’s very expensive. Historically I’ve obtained very high quality product from distillers in Corsica, France, Italy and Bosnia. I’ve recently found a small grower in Southern California that is distilling some very nice material from organically grown Helichrysum italicum.

Helichrysum essential oil can be inhaled directly, diffused or applied topically. The cost of the material means that its primary use is in concentrated serums.
Helichrysum is a go-to oil in aromatherapy for activating healing and supporting skin health. It supports and speeds the healing of wounds, bruises and scars. Used in facial care it soothes, reduces redness and patchiness and over time stimulates collagen.
You can make your own serum with a nourishing base oil of your choice and a 10% dilution of Helichrysum essential oil. Just a few drops massaged onto clean skin prepped with a few sprays of hydrosol.

You can make a scar blend with Helichrysum, Carrot Seed oil and Yarrow essential oils in a soft cream or a liquid base oil.

• Widely used in France as an anti-inflammatory and to stimulate the liver cells.
• Use as an antispasmodic and diffused or inhaled directly for a cough.
• Apply immediately to trauma to reduce and prevent bruising and swelling.
• Use a drop or two in massage for sore muscles and joints.
• Treats dermatitis, burns and eczema
• Use as an inhalant for headaches and exhaustion and other stress related conditions.
  • Helichrysum Italicum 
  • USA 
  • Steam Distilled