Grapefruit White

Smells citrus, fruity and clean.
Grapefruit essential oil is unique because it is nearly 100% a single component, d-limonene. A chemical make-up of nearly 100% is fairly uncommon with essential oils and means that treatment and safety considerations focus on one component.
d-limonene is antibacterial, can reduce the sensation of pain, is anti-inflammatory and can help activate white blood cells.
Grapefruit does age quickly, buy it fresh and find ways to use it up while it is nice and yummy. It can be added to preparations for oily skin and hair for its astringent properties. Useful in a blend to disinfect and freshen a room. Can be added to a massage blend to detoxify by stimulating the lymph system, reducing cellulite and water retention. The scent is uplifting and anti-depressive. When ingested it stimulates the gall bladder and digestion, as well as acts as a liver tonic. Would be effective in a drug withdrawal program.
Use care when using topically as it can be phototoxic. All citrus peel oils increase UV absorption.
Researchers studying depression have found that certain citrus fragrances boost feelings of well-being and alleviate stress by upping levels of norepinephrine, a hormone that affects mood. For an all-day pick-me-up, dab a little lemon or orange essential oil on a handkerchief to tuck in your pocket.
Citrus oils are a perfect addition to any morning ritual. They are fresh and clean, they bring a brightness and optimism.

6 parts Grapefruit, 4 parts Pine and Peppermint with one part Basil makes a stimulating and refreshing blend to stimulate memory and help you focus.
  • Citrus Paradisi  
  • Israel 
  • Cold Expressed