Geranium, Rose Bio (Bourbon)

This variety of scented pelargonium is not a substitute for Rose oil.
Pelargoniums hybridize very readily and there are lots of varieties and they do smell differently. That smell reflects some differences in chemistry, but the chemistry differences are better identified by botanical names or region rather than naming the smell. The Chinese will be higher in citronellol than the Egyptian, for example. Rose Geranium used to mean Bourbon, but 'Rose Geranium' is now short-hand for a Geranium that smells Rosy. There are hundreds of species of Pelargonium with thousands of varieties. Botanical nomenclature is far from reliable.

Grown Biodynamically on Madagascar and distilled in France.
This oil has an application in skin care products because it reduces the secretion of the oil glands, encourages drainage of the lymphatic system and encourages healing. It can be added to a powdered clay and used in the feet or in shoes to treat fungus.
The smell is uplifting and reduces stress and anxiety. Use this as you would any medicinal floral essential oil to cool and soothe.
  • Pelargonium Graveolens 
  • Madagascar 
  • Steam Distilled