Douglas Fir Organic

Also called the Western Fir or the Oregon Pine. This essential oil is distilledin France from needles of plant grown biodynamicaly in France.
This oil smells clean, clear and fresh. Very coniferous. Used best in a blend for inhaling when afflicted with a respiratory ailment. Is strongly antiseptic. Is frequently used as a room freshener or as an additive to soaps. Would be a great additive to a homemade household cleanser, smells great and kills germs.

This essential oil is very high in monoterpenes. It penetrates the skin well and is used as a decongestant, to improve circulation and as an antiseptic. The first whiff from the bottle is very sharp and volatile. A very low percentage in a massage blend acts as an analgesic.
  • Psuedotsuga Menziesii 
  • France 
  • Steam Distilled