Bay Laurel

Sweet Bay
Mainly used as an inhalant for the respiratory system as it is a mucolytic and expectorant as well as an immune system stimulant. The scent is generally stimulating and uplifting and is effective against sinus headaches. Is a liver tonic and stimulating to the digestive system. Used in massage for muscular aches and pain, to restore adrenals and immune system. For travel fatigue and as insect repellent.

6 parts Frankincense, 6 parts Myrrh and 4 parts Bay make a focusing blend to use when divining.

4 parts Frankincense, 3 parts Vervain, Rosemary and Bay, 2 parts Myrrh, Benzoin, Cinnamon and Rose, 1 part Sandalwood make a nice blend for anointing the circle or yourself before entering the circle.
  • Laurus Nobilis 
  • Hungary 
  • Steam Distilled