Diffusors & Blends

Free shipping on ecommerce orders over $150. There are many custom blends for all moods, seasons and needs. A diffusor provides a safe and efficient way to disperse essential oils into the air. Pictured.... far left is the Room model. Right rear is the Optima model with a larger pump. The small model in front is the Tranquility model that features a rheostat that allows for air flow control.
Bouquet De Provence
Brain Stimulant
California Blend
Citrus Blend
Detox Blend
Diffusor Room Model
Diffusor Tranquility Model
Driver Alert
Floral Blend
Holiday Blend
Le Whif Personal Inhaler
Respiration Blend
Rose Note Blend
Sauna Blend
Sleepless In Tokyo
Valnet Blend