Shea Butter

Recently renamed Vitellaria paradoxa, previously named Butyrospermun parkii. Also called Karite butter.
Wild grown nuts harvested and processed in Ghana. Used natively as a cooking oil and for general skin care.
This unrefined oil has a soft waxy texture. It melts easily on the skin leaving a film for a great combination of slip and grip that some body workers really appreciate.
You can use this as is or add it to a body care product you create. It has a scent very similar to Cocoa Butter. There is some evidence that a portion of the molecules in Shea become involved in the dermis and stimulate the skin to produce collagen, elastin and glycoproteins,
This material is made by hand; no chemical extraction, not fractionated or refined. This production means that all those nourishing components of traditionally used Shea are present and available. Shea has the highest % among vegetable fats of unsaponifiable compounds, those don't become broken down during saponification.