Red Raspberry Seed Oil

I am careful to purchase Red Raspberry Seed oil that is cold processed and lightly filtered. This unrefined product is flushed with nitrogen and packed in nonreactive containers. When the Red Raspberry Oil arrives I immediately decant it into smaller glass bottles and refrigerate.
A relatively small amount of oil produced from those tiny seeds and it is full of good stuff for your skin. This is truly topical nutrition. It is 83% essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are not made in our bodies, it is essential to have them in the diet. About 50% omega 6, about 30% of omega 3 and about 10% omega 9. Specifically named lineoleic, linolenic, palmitic, etc… these essential fatty acids reduce the destruction of collagen, cell regenerative, anti-inflammatory. They are the precursors of other molecules and are important constituents in cell structure. Applying nutrition topically can direct the nutrition to a specific area, ingesting nutrition allows for metabolism and dispersion through the body.
Healthy skin is able to hold moisture. Skin needs to be nourished in order to be healthy. Topical application of nutritious oils does make a difference in the health of the skin.
Nutrious seed oils are a perfect vehicle for essential oils in skin care. You can make a beautiful regenerative skin serum by adding 25 drops of essential oils to one ounce of base oil. A combination of Helichrysum, Neroli, Carrot and Sandalwood essential oils makes a beautiful skin serum.

This is an oil that I would take as a supplement. I am actually making the yummiest salads using Red Raspberry Seed Oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, sea salt and a drop or two of essential oil of a culinary herb such as Oregano or Basil.
A little bit about rancid fats... any fat, liquid or solid can become rancid. Rancid fats can become discolored and smell bad, but it can also be hard to tell. Heat, light, oxygen, contamination and some enzyme actions can initiate the process and speed the process as well. Oxygenation is the primary cause of rancidity. An electron gets removed from the carbon in the fat. That fat is now unstable, an autocatalytic reaction occurs producing a lot of rancid oil that our bodies have to treat differently. We should be using only fresh and well cared for oils on our skin and in our food.