Foraha (Tamanu)

This is a base oil made from organic seeds and berries. It is not an essential oil, but is usually categorized with essential oils rather than seed oils. May be called Tamanu, Alexandrian Laurel, Kamani or Domba. Other names indicate geographic origin or part of plant. The smell is woody, rooty and earthy. Many tropical populations consider it a sacred tree. The entire plant has a history as a medicine. .

This material can be applied neat to the skin or added to a balm or liquid oil to treat chapped feet and hands, cracked skin, eczema, psoriasis and shingles. This oil is hugely effective when used to treat wounds of the mucosa or skin. Use to treat injuries to the skin such as heat and chemical burns, dermatitis and lesions. It's reportedly a vulnerary (promotes cellular regeneration) although I haven't used it as such. It's primarily used as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Calophyllum Inophyllum 
  • Madagascar 
  • Cold Pressed