Coconut Oil

Cocos nucifera
This oil is cold pressed and unrefined. Raw coconut oil smells wonderful and is great for the skin, try it to treat eczema. It is a healthy oil in the kitchen as well. There are many articles and studies promoting the advantages of coconut oil. About 50% of the fatty acid in Coconut oil is Lauric acid, the most essential fatty acid for the building of an immune system. In the body, it is converted to monolaurin, a powerful monoglyceride that destroys lipid-coated viruses (such as cytomegalovirus, HIV, herpes, and influenza) as well as pathogenic bacteria.
Brazilian study demonstrates that dietetic supplementation with coconut oil seems to promote a reduction in abdominal obesity.
Have I told you about my personal experience with Coconut oil healing a rash? My younger son has sensitive skin and a few allergies. He and some friends were playing around pulling and throwing grass, rolling around in it and stuffing it in each others shirts. He developed the most awful rash on his back. I tried one thing and another and oral and topical, this rash would not calm down and seemed to now be self perpetuating - as if his skin was upset because it was upset. After probable a week I felt like I had exhausted my resources and finally tried coconut oil, just slathered it on and told him to sleep on his stomach. His skin was radically different in the morning, no redness, no thickening, no itching. A rapid and remarkable healing. A customer of mine called looking for some advice regarding psoriasis on his lower legs. Really problematic for him, because of some other health concerns he was not interested in taking or using the prescriptions available to him. In discussing things, I suggested that although we could certainly come up with an effective custom blend he should just try Coconut oil initially. I sent him just an ounce, try it for a few days on one leg so that you can compare, it will soak in well and the smell is well received by everyone. He called in days and said that the healing and nourishing was undeniable and that he'd take a pound.