White Kaolin Clay

This clay has been washed by tremendous amounts of rain and is nearly devoid of minerals. It is very benign and makes a great base for body powders. It is astringent and drying.

Why is clay effective against microbes? It's chemical. Work done by ASU and Western Carolina University students and chemists show that the negatively charged surfaces of clay attract multivalent ions, particularly metals. In turn, water is absorbed between layers of the crystal structure.

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Kaolin clay is china pottery clay and gets its name from the Kao-ling region of China. This is a two layer clay and is less aggressive in absorbing. It has a higher aluminum content and is a better choice for wound healing or for treating skin irritations. It is a good mild cleanser but not a good choice when treating infections This clay is also taken internally to treat diarrhea. Think of kao-tin, k-c, kaopectinolin.