Algae Powder

Laminaria digitata
This dry powder is very stable while kept dry. We used to hand make a product called 'Algae Bath' in 8 ounce pump bottles for the individual and in gallons for the therapist or retail spa. Added to a bath or applied to the body and rinsed off. Such a great product and really well liked, but we had to convert customers to making it themselves. Adding water brings it to life. Literally. It didn't want to be contained. Adding lots of Dead Sea Salt and essential oils did slow that growth, but that amount made the product expensive and very strongly scented. Blend with a Hydrosol and Dead Sea Salts to make a paste. You can customize with essential oils and base oils at this point. This can be applied directly to the body as a scrub or wrap, or added to a warm bath. Very nourishing to the skin and helps to detoxify.
The algae and salt are key to any balneotherapy treatment.